Partner Program

1    MagnaView

MagnaView is a strongly innovative software developer in the field of Business Intelligence, Visual Analytics and Management Reporting. Since 2005, MagnaView offers its software and services to customers in six countries, helping them obtain more impact from their ever growing datasets.

2    Partnering with MagnaView
At MagnaView, we recognize the essential need for partners as a critical element for delivering value to our customers. Therefore, MagnaView has relationships with OEM and reseller partners. Our program is continuously growing and improving to meet the needs of our partners and ensure their success and our customers’ success.

3    Partnership types
  • •    Value-Added Reseller Value-added resellers typically have the domain, vertical, or application expertise to offer their customers solutions that incorporates MagnaView technology to meet customers’ business needs. VARs primarily focus on driving license revenue through the resale of all or part of the MagnaView product suite. Additionally, these partners provide professional services to support the deployment of our technology.

  • •    Volume Reseller Volume resellers resell all or part of MagnaView desktop and enterprise products and derive their primary revenue from license sales. Volume resellers include those organizations that act as the primary distributors or master resellers in particular regions or countries.

  • •    OEM OEM partners integrate software technologies from MagnaView with their own product offering for commercial resale. These partners may add on, bundle, host, or embed our software. Solutions may include integration of MagnaView in business software, integration in web services, SAAS-solutions, etc.

John Hoogland is CEO of Pallas Athena, a manufacturer of Business Process Management solutions.
MagnaView is integrated in Pallas Athena’s BPM products.

 “Pallas Athena operates in a highly competitive arena, with a large number of vendors and solution providers offering BPM and Workflow Management software.
The availability of strong Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Process Performance Analysis (PPA) is a must-have requirement for our customers. Besides, it’s an area where we can stand out from our competitors. We choose MagnaView as part of our BPM suite to accomplish this.
We offer our customers a BAM- and PPA-facility as an integral part of the BPM-suite. Each and every user should have the possibility to monitor business activities, and to analyse the performance of business processes to improve these processes. BAM and PPA are a crucial part in the continuous act-analyse-improve-cycle. MagnaView delivers this function as an integral, Pallas-branded part of our suite. Besides, we offer MagnaView Designer Pro as a stand-alone application to our customers to carry out analyses on any other data set not already offered by our BPM engine.

The reason we choose MagnaView is that it’s a fast and versatile tool with enormous power to visually present information. It was the only tool able to offer us the ability to drill down even to individual cases from any graph or dashboard. For truly managing your business processes, a tool is required which can flexibly present information in a wide variety of formats, and that’s what MagnaView does for us.
As a company, MagnaView really knows their business in monitoring, analysis, visualization and presentation. With MagnaView’s system integration support, we easily made the MagnaView software part of our suite.”

4    Support
MagnaView supports you in the most effective way possible by providing you with everything you need to achieve a winning business relationship with us. Partner benefits are a function of both partnership level and partner type.

  • •    Account Planning and Management Partnership account management varies in intensity from account management to a self-managed process, depending upon partnership achievement level.

  • •    Sales Tools MagnaView partners have access to sales tools including sales presentations, technical white papers, and sales demos.

  • •    Pricing Discount Program Depending upon achievement level, pricing discounts on MagnaView software are provided to partners to help them achieve designated sales volume levels. Additional discounts are available based on their degree of integration and branding.

  • •    MagnaView Partner Logo MagnaView partners may use the MagnaView partner logo for promoting the partnership. As examples, you can use the logo on your web site and throughout marketing materials, stationery, signage, direct mail, and advertising initiatives. We provide all partners with logo standards and guidelines, while also monitoring for correct usage.

  • •    Access to MagnaView Community MagnaView partners benefit from access to the MagnaView community.

  • •    Technology support MagnaView greatly values the dialogue with partners that leads to improvements of our products.  We have various channels to obtain feedback from our users such as the MagnaView Community.

5    Becoming an OEM partner  or volume reseller

Become an OEM partner
If you intend to integrate MagnaView in your solutions, please contact MagnaView ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). We’ll discuss with you what possibilities exist for integration of MagnaView’s desktop and enterprise solutions in your solutions.

Become a Volume reseller
If you intend to offer MagnaView as part of a software portfolio in, for instance, a web shop, please contact MagnaView ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). We’ll discuss with you how to best integrate the ordering, payment, software delivery and installation and registration process with our infrastructure.

6    Becoming a value-added reseller
If you intend to become a Value-Added Reseller our joint interest is to serve your MagnaView customers in the best possible way, without having to integrate infrastructures immediately, and extend this to other customers. Service to your customers implies easy ordering, payment, delivery and installation and registration, project creation, as well as support and maintenance.

  • If you intend to start as a VAR, go about as follows.
  • -    Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and notify us of your interest to become a MagnaView VAR.
  • -    We will set you up as a reseller in the MagnaView web shop with your own login.
  • -    Both you yourself and your customers can start working with trial versions of MagnaView software. You have access to demo projects. If you need promotional presentations, please let us know, and we’ll send you the most appropriate material.

There are two ways to order products, depending on your choice w.r.t. the ordering and payment process.
  • 1.    Your customer orders directly from the MagnaView web shop. In this case, the customers pays in the MagnaView web shop, and our payment provider, cleverbridge, will pay the commission to you, which equals the discount you and MagnaView agree on.
  • i.    You login to the MagnaView web shop.
  • ii.    You generate a payment link for your customer.
  • iii.    As soon as the link has been used in the MagnaView web shop and payment has been received, your commission is automatically transferred to you by our payment provider.

  • 2.    You place orders in the MagnaView web shop yourself. In this case, you pay a discounted price in the MagnaView web shop yourself.
  • i.    You login to the MagnaView web shop.
  • ii.    You order and pay the products you purchase.

Once payment is received, production versions of the software can be downloaded and installed, and the registration process can be carried out. In the registration process, MagnaView delivers a registration key, or a license file, depending on the type of product. As part of the registration process, the user is included in the support and maintenance program and is offered access to the MagnaView community. As part of this, the user is entitled to support by MagnaView, and, is entitled to new releases of the software.

As a Value-Added Reseller, you can offer your customer additional services such as software installation, data extraction, and project creation.
  • •    If you intend to use MagnaView products to create MagnaView projects for your customers, you can purchase your own products from the web shop for use in your own organization at the discounted rates that were agreed upon between you and MagnaView.

MagnaView will provide the following technical support to you.
  • -    Support under the support and maintenance contract is provided to you and your customers as part of this contract.
  • -    If you require additional MagnaView services such as support for creating project, please contact us, and we’ll discuss what the most efficient way is to involve MagnaView consultants.
  • -    If you intend to provide training to users, please contact us, and we’ll discuss possibilities to for train-the-trainer sessions, training material, etc.