Successful Masterclass on Quality Assurance in clinical pathology
Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MagnaView’s Pathos product is broadening its role for quality assurance in clinical pathology labs in the Netherlands. To allow Pathos users and others to discuss current development in quality assurance, a masterclass was held in cooperation with Palga, the pivotal organization for information on pathology in the Netherlands.

Over 25 participants, partly pathologist, partly quality assurance officers, discussed development in the sector with four speakers providing introductory information.

The general perspective about data, indicators and the way these play a role in labs was discussed by MagnaView business consultant Patrick Riemers.

Bart Lelie, pathologist and lab manager at Zorgsaam, presented the role of quality assurance in his lab, and stressed the importance of cultural change to achieve improvements.

Arjen van de Pol (Stichting Palga) discussed the use of Protocols in pathology. Stichting Palga has the ambition to implement 15 new protocols in the short term.

Lastly, Joost Oudejans (Chairman of a working group of the Pathologists’s professional association) talked about performance indicators for accreditation and peer review.


Pathology in the Netherlands has a unique information sharing infrastructure through Palga. MagnaView’s Pathos product is broadly used in this community, and the audience in the meeting put forward a range of requests to extend Pathos’ functionality to address future quality assurance challenges.


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